Putting her own twist on an R&B sound, Immi Dash releases new single “Show Me”.

Born in Scotland, raised in America, and now based between Stroud and Liverpool, Immi Dash is an artist with a range of creative inspirations. New single “Show Me” shows her confidence in breaking the rules, whilst telling a relatable tale of hope for relationship clarity.


Since bursting onto the UK music scene, Immi has become a regular campaigner at Liverpool’s Future Yard and Jazz Stroud Festival. Building up a strong roster of live performances, she’s already hit the stages of festivals like Boomtown, WOMAD and more. According to Immi, “Performing is one of my favourite parts of music because it helps me to make that connection with an audience.”


Crossing genres with her smokey vocals alongside synths and catchy drums, Immi insists there’s room for interpretation in her music. Continuing to explain the new track: “Show Me” is “about asking someone you’re beginning a relationship with to be clear with what they want from you. I found that I used to spend a lot of time in the early stage/talking stage of a relationship just wondering whether the person is even into me.”

Stream "Show Me" below: