On the rise songwriter and artist Siddy Rich is onto a new adventure with collaborative project Vodou Gang.

The global music scene is one of the most highly crowded industries, so getting people to notice your work is extremely difficult. It takes a lot of work, determination, and dedication, often making it almost impossible for young artists to penetrate the industry. However, Siddy Rich has quickly cemented his spot in the space as an emerging songwriter and recording artist. The artist has written several hit songs, including “Str8 Like Dat” and “Panamera Roof,” which both opened doors to more collaborations.


Siddy blew up after his 2015 hit single “Str8 Like Dat” which created a regional buzz from Coalition DJs Atlanta who expressed an interest in his work. Since then, the artist has since worked with three other singers to form a new collective titled ‘Vodou Gang’. Through the group, Siddy and his friends hope to continue creating contemporary music that brings joy to the listener. Vodou Gang is taking conventional hip-hop and rock through a wave of unparalleled modern styling. Together they released their debut single “Acknowledgement,” which gained them over 87K views on YouTube..


Siddy’s unique sound and musical style set him apart in the industry. His main goal is to connect with his audience, throughout his songs Siddy tells bits of his story and some of the issues within today’s society.


Vodou Gang creates music for all, with their approach, diverse backgrounds, and skills the collective can generate lots of views. Built on the foundation of spiritual connection and positivity, Vodou Gang believes in creating music that is not only cool to dance to but is also impactful. As members of the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), Vodou Gang’s work has attracted massive attention and praise from the US and beyond. As they continue to grow, their goal is to create more timeless and upbeat music. Aside from this collaboration, Siddy is also working on other projects.

Stream “Acknowledgement” below: