Vocal powerhouse Chloe DeMore showcases her penchant for relatable narratives in debut single, ‘Side Effects’.

Chloe DeMore couldn’t have crafted a more fitting track than ‘Side Effects’ to debut her artistry to the world. It wholly represents all she stands for: heartfelt storytelling and stirring relatability. Crafting candid and poignant lyrics, she invites listeners to journey through her personal experiences with the hope that many will find comfort in doing so.


Throughout ‘Side Effects’, Chloe talks about a previous, toxic relationship that had a hard-hitting impact on her. Channelling this energy into a brooding brand of pop, she finds light at the end of the tunnel, all whilst interplaying country tinges and hook-ridden melodies into the mix.


The production follows the narrative’s stripped-back vibe, opening with just a piano, which acts as a backdrop to her sunken yet demanding vocals. Building momentum, the track eventually harnesses layers of harmonies and a spellbinding drum rhythm as the song plays out. Her lyrics are crisp and full of emotion, sung in a voice so captivating it leaves you beckoning for more.


Speaking about the track, Chloe says, “I am so excited to share a vulnerable piece of myself with the world and I hope this song can help others through challenging life experiences the way it did for me. I hope the message makes the listeners feel like they are not alone and I hope to build a community of supportive people who relate to my art.

Listen to 'Side Effects' now: