A trio of three rap titans, 3Smoke make their debut with “Side Of The Step”.

With deep roots in the Bloodline Collective – an evolution of the Meridian Crew which recruited Skepta and Meridian Dan among its ranks – Paper Pabs, Bossman Birdie, and Milli Major, three heavyweight artists on the scene, have come together for their own formation, 3Smoke.


This year, 3Smoke will make their debut with “Side Of The Step”, a gritty street tale. Combining classic grime sounds and guttural, raw-candid rap, the three artists’ lyricism is both contrasting and complimentary.


Speaking more on the track, Bossman Birdie has said “although 3Smoke is a subdivision of the legendary Bloodline collective, it has a new, fresh, energetic feel to it, that merges organically with the original authentic sound and style. You can feel the growth and a different, edgier grit that you in ‘Side Of The Step’. We’re taking the listener on a different, more intimate journey of our reality. Touching on postcode issues and how we don’t subscribe to that mentality, at the same time delivering a very real element of the streets through the music.”


Together, 3Smoke is set to be a colossal force on the grime scene.

Watch the video for "Side Of The Step" below: