To celebrate her brand new release, 'FLOOZY', we caught up with Siena Liggins to discuss the importance of collaboration, falling in and out of love, and why we should all lean into our feelings more.

“Hide ur girlfriend” reads Siena Liggins’ Instagram bio – and she’s not kidding around. Taking into account all from her provocative sounds to her instantly-affable persona, the burgeoning star is fast winning the hearts of fans around the globe with her sonic innovation. From sharing the stage with legendary artists like Lizzo and Doja Cat to racking up millions of streams on her explosive debut album, ‘Ms. Out Tonight’, the artist’s space in the pop sphere is spreading rapidly. 


If you are not yet well acquainted with Siena’s infectious melodies, you couldn’t have come at a better time. The musician has just released her latest opus, ‘FLOOZY’, an album that guides listeners into the depths of her experience in life and love. As an ode to the women who have come before and after, she remains unapologetically herself throughout the offering. Sensual, captivating, and inherently playful, it’s a piece to leave a lasting impression.


She’s been dishing up her magnetic sounds for the past five years and garnering acclaim as she goes. With playlist coverage from Spotify and having covered Tidal’s Rising: Pop lineup, her milestones keep on building up.


Today, with the release of ‘FLOOZY’, things are only heating up. As the trailblazer herself states, “Welcome to my world, your floozy era. It’s a pleasure to be here with you.” Firmly in our floozy era, we sat down with Siena to discuss the importance of collaboration, falling in and out of love, and why we should lean into our feelings more often. 

 Congratulations on your upcoming album! How are you feeling about the release?

Thank you! I’m feeling liberated, excited, nervous, turned on.. I mean turnt up! So many feelings but, more than anything, I’m just excited to be releasing again and sharing this past era with so many new listeners.

Has it been a long time in the making?

Definitely. The first song I wrote for the album was “W.U.S.S.” – ironically the last song on the album, and that was in the summer of 2022. The song that was finished last was “CHAPSTICK” which I was still editing in May.

It definitely feels like an invitation into the world of Siena – what do you hope people take away from the project?

Visibility and versatility. I hope people see me in a new light and see themselves reflected unapologetically through the music I make. I hope folks understand that I am a multifaceted and fearlessly chameleonic artist. And I hope people are excited because I am just warming up.

For those who might not have been introduced to your music yet, what track would you direct them to and why?

Track 1. Nothing beats listening to a project top to bottom and being fully immersed in the world created for you, the listener, by me, the artist. When you visit a gallery, there’s an entrance and an exit with an intentional flow set by curators. Directors and editors spend hours cutting and piecing film scenes together in sequence so you can understand the storyline. I recommend you start at the first track on my album and spend twenty minutes getting to know me.

It features a collaboration with whiterosemoxie, is collaboration an important part of your artistic process?

100%. The album is a testament to my affinity for collaborating. Everything I do is in pursuit of connection with myself and others. The process for me is far more enjoyable when I’m able to share it with other creatives who can mirror and amplify what I’m trying to say.

If you could collaborate with any artist, who would it be and why?

Lil Yachty. I feel like we’d get along really well and make something so strangely satisfying. He’s one of my favourite artists all around from the music to what he has to say. I love it.

Do you feel like this new project is an evolution from ‘Ms. Out Tonight’?

Without a doubt. It was intentional to show the evolution from ‘MOT’ to ‘FLOOZY’ in all aspects including the sounds used and the visuals we crafted.

You’ve spoken about finding influence from the women who have shaped your path, can you tell us about this?

Writing songs is cathartic for me. Everyone I experience has an effect on me, but I choose to write about women specifically because it feels like what I’m supposed to do right now. I’ve fallen in and out of love enough to be able to write ten albums, and somehow the material doesn’t stop manifesting.

Do you feel like you learned anything about yourself in the process of making ‘FLOOZY’?

I am always learning from my music. The process of making this started long before I even wrote the first song because I had to live a little to even find the inspiration. Like I said, I started writing this album in 2020. So, it’s inevitable to learn and evolve as a person during such a long period of time. A main takeaway– it’s okay to lean into all of the feelings. Every single emotion is worth my time to explore.

Apart from the big release – what can we expect from Siena Liggins this year?

Stay tuned. I would love to spill all the details, but it’s better if you just follow along.

Stream Siena's latest release below:

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