Dreamy pop artist Elle L unravels new emotional anthem, ‘Sign’, marking her first move into self-production.

Unwinding soundscapes infused with evocative lyricism, delivered with vocals that could shatter glass when reaching their zenith‚ Elle L is an artist that you must have on your pop roster for the year. Renowned for her ethereal compositions accompanied by angelic production, she has captured the attention of even the most discerning music enthusiasts, earning admiration for her willingness to evolve her artist expression with every experience she encounters. As she weaves her dreamy futuristic pop style into mainstream, she releases ‘Sign’, a track that pays homage to her distinctive hallmark sound.


Elle L’s connection to music runs deep in her veins. Growing up in a family where her mother held the distinction of being Steinway & Sons’ first female piano tuner, while her father was an esteemed jazz pianist, it wasn’t until she was gifted a digital piano that her musical journey ignited. Swiftly finding contentment within songwriting, she has released singles since, with her initial three garnering support from BBC and Capital Xtra, as well as being included in Spotify and Apple Music playlists.


Adding another string to her bow, Elle L seamlessly integrates her commitment to environmental advocacy alongside her emerging artistic career. Devoting her time to championing fashion and kindness initiatives for the United Nations, she advocates for responsible consumption in a bid to leave a protective veil for future generations.


Finding time in her busy schedule, her recent single, ‘Sign’, marks her first move into self-production, as she collaborates with Magna LV. Offering a glimpse into her forthcoming debut EP, Constellations, if ‘Sign’ is anything to go by, then the EP promises to be an ethereal, boundary-pushing project. Stacked with delicate harmonies and cinematic bass, the track feels deeply seductive as there’s a dance of shadow and light that shines throughout.


Drawing inspiration from romantic connections as well as the interstellar, ‘Sign’ unfolds as a song dedicated to the moment where you’re hoping for someone to make a move, and you look to the stars above for a telling ‘sign’. Guided by whimsical production, pulsating bass and vibrant synths, Elle L intricately weaves the narrative of a yearning, as we are plunged into a dreamy soundscape that is nothing short of hypnotic.


To mark the release of the track, Elle L has also released a  Original Version of ‘Sign’. Carrying the same interstellar feel from the collaboration with Magna LV, the Original Version brings Elle L’s ethereal vocals to the forefront, as the production is stripped back, allowing her delicate voice to bask in the limelight.

Listen to 'Sign' now: