Kurt Cobain-influenced SKARS depicts feelings of self-doubt and loneliness on the powerful new single, 'Sign from the Universe'.

SKARS, a young artist who’s been making waves in the music industry, is back with a new release that’s already making a significant impact. His latest song, ‘Sign from the Universe’, is a testament to his artistry and his ability to connect with listeners on a deep, emotional level.


‘Sign from the Universe’ is a song that resonates with anyone who has ever experienced moments of doubt, pain, or loneliness. SKARS draws from his personal experiences and emotions to create a piece of music that touches the heart and soul. The song’s lyrics are raw and honest, a reflection of SKARS’ belief that music has the power to heal and connect people. The song showcases SKARS’ signature sound, a blend of influences from artists like Kurt Cobain, The Weeknd, and xxxtentacion. SKARS’ unique style shines through in the single and his passionate delivery is sure to leave a lasting impression on his listeners.


As ‘Sign from the Universe’ gains momentum, it’s clear that SKARS is not just a rising star but an artist with unlimited potential wielding a unique voice and a deep connection to his audience. At the end of the month, SKARS is set to release his debut album Nothing Lasts Forever and anticipation for it continues to build. The young artist has a very bright future ahead and this is only the beginning.

Listen to 'Sign from the Universe' below: