Norwegian songwriter dePresno teams up with co-writers and producers Ivan Blomqvist and Odd Martin for his new single “Silence”.

Bjarte dePresno Borthen is the moniker of Norwegian multi-genre artist and songwriter dePresno. Known for his raspy baritone vocal range, dePresno is back with his sophomore release of the year, “Silence”. Shared after sultry release, “Make Me Feel Your Love”, “Silence” is a climactic follow-up with a captivating hook.


Last summer the artist dropped his third studio album ‘Places’, after a busy 2019 (which saw him drop two full-length albums in one year), it’s fair to say content isn’t something the artist is lacking. Forever songwriting and thinking of alternative ways to churn out new material, dePresno is a charismatic artist with a variety of material.


So far, dePresno has built a sizable following in Norway and continues to expand his audience with each release. “Silence” is a delicate piano-led ballad co-written and produced with the help of Ivan Blomqvist and Odd Martin. Throughout this track the three place warm folk-pop undertones into an emotive new release and it doesn’t disappoint.

Stream “Silence” below: