Ally Barron releases debut EP, 'Sincerely, AB", an honest letter to past exes, judgemental peers and ultimately her fans.

Ally Barron grew up in a Southern California suburb, overcoming shyness by teaching herself to play piano at the age of seven. As she got older, Ally began to post covers of pop songs from her bedroom, growing an audience and landing a role on TV show, Malibu SurfRecording tracks for the series, her profile rose, and among these, ‘Just Friends’ amassed 13.1 million Spotify streams. The pandemic saw Malibu Surf close production, allowing Ally to focus on music. It was during this period that her debut EP was born.


Tracks on “Sincerely, AB” like ‘What’s Her Number?’ demonstrate Barron’s sassy intentions,  as she asks, “What’s her number? She could use a warning about you.” The track ‘T-Shirt’ is another “ex-situation”, in Barron’s words: “You left your t-shirt in my room and now you know I know just what you do“. The EP is varied though, and ‘You, Thought’ shuns jealousy, and Barron preaches that we should learn not to judge others before we really know them.


Ultimately, with the EP, Ally hopes to inspire and be a role model for women of all ages. It’s an album about growing up, going through relationship trouble and coming out the other side during various stages of life. We look forward to hearing what Ally brings out next.




Stream the EP below: