Alexander Kazakov shares his debut single "We Are the Stars", featuring Tessa Maynard.

Hailing from Ukraine via Germany, Alexander Kazakov is a fresh new singer-songwriter based in London. His distinctive singing style and high level of technical ability put him on a level with singers like Sam Smith and John Legend. As a songwriter, he specialises in emotional love ballads exploring the joy and turmoil of modern relationships.


His debut single “We Are The Stars” is out today on all platforms globally. The track was produced with Tessa Maynard, a talented young musician from the Netherlands. Together, they focussed on creating an original pop style, minimal but emotive at the same time. A future-pop anthem was born and set the stage for many more collaborations and a promising career in pop.


“Recently I was accused of using autotune when one of my friends heard the track for the first time, she didn’t mean it in a bad way, but I never use auto-tune. I am all about singing technique and respecting the art form of singing. Coming from a poor background in Ukraine where we often had to choose between food on the table and shoes on our feet I know the value of hard work and struggle. I love the beauty of real singing. Ever since I was a young boy in Ukraine I dreamed to be a pop star. It’s my life, it’s my everything, and nothing will stop me.”


Alexander is also a dancer and choreographer with many winning titles. He’s now working on his next single “Hold On”, which will include a dance-focused music video and full live band.

Stream "We Are the Stars" below: