NuFunk artist mntgmry reveals his latest synth-pop number "Sink Or Swim" ahead of his debut EP this Autumn.

Born to a sax-playing father and a music-loving mother, mntgmry was always destined for a glittering music career. With a decade’s worth of experience playing and producing for various rap and funk groups, the artist is no stranger to crafting soulful tunes interlaced with elements of NuFunk and hip-hop.


mntgmry makes the type of music that immediately makes you want to dance and his latest track “Sink or Swim” is no exception. A catchy synth-pop number, the single vibrates with harmonic chords and mntgmry’s signature playful sound. Speaking on the track, he explains that: ‘”Sink or Swim” is a reflection on the current difficulty of simultaneously existing in online and offline worlds, while observing both the harmful dysfunctions and also upsides of the many platforms that attempt to convince us to divide rather than unite.’


Alongside “Sink Or Swim” come the visuals, which lend a deeper meaning to the single: ‘the video became an additional exercise of self-awareness…and empowered me to finish it in a more authoritative and clear way. The last verse more heavily solidifies my connection to my craft in the lyrics as well. One hidden meaning of the song is that creating music is always a solace for me, even under the duress of stressful online experiences.’

Listen to "Sink Or Swim" below: