Sytë’s dreamy genre-bending track “Sirena” is out now.

It’s a love story for the ages that brought the two founding members of Sytë into each other’s lives and our playlists. But their newest offering as a duo “Sirena” delves into the darkness behind love, and fear of self-sabotage in romance. The sugary-sweet vocals of singer Nita Kaja meet with Drin Tashi’s well-honed producing for this art-pop track. 


Sytë was born out of Kosovo, where Prishtin-native Drin met Nita – who was spending her summer falling in love with the local music scene. The two immediately connected over their musical passions, as well as their opposing natures. Extrovert and introvert, right and left brain – the two fit together like two pieces in a puzzle. And their colourful discography reflects that, with its infectious melodies and uber-catchy hooks. Now a four-piece band with Granit Havolli and Fatlind Ferati, their thrilling sounds have become a hit with festival-goers of Pop Kultur and Sunny Hill.


Speaking on the meaning behind the track, Nita explains,“I wrote this song about confronting a dark feminine energy within me, that I’ve personified as “Sirena”, or the “siren swimming in my heart”, because it attempted to sabotage the first healthy and stable relationship in my life.”

Stream "Sirena" below.