Singer-songwriter J. Kosmos is back with his latest EP, with lead track 'Sixth Sense' telling a tale of true love.

J. Kosmos is back with the release of his latest EP featuring its leading track ‘Sixth Sense’, a song about true love in its purest form. Thanks to the outstanding vocals and beats, the synth-led song isn’t shy to create an aura of lust and longing for the one you love so dearly.


Mixing R&B with hip-hop and soul allows J. Kosmos to explore a range of genres within the track and to tap into various emotions which all pull together to bring us ‘Sixth Sense.’ The trap-beat and perfectly auto-tuned vocals tap into the artist’s unique sound, staying true to his tonality all while presenting to us a newfound story he has encapsulated through the title ‘Sixth Sense.’


Produced in collaboration with Wolfgang Santana, the single is about finding real love whilst holding onto the fact it is a relaxing pop track resonating with the creative’s global audience on a unique, sentimental level. partnered with an exceptional music video showcasing the artist’s method of crafting his distinctive acoustic environments.


Highlighting the love-factor of it all and taking us back to the main reason behind the hit track, J. Kosmos states: “Finding real love. The song & video is a love story. A modern Bonnie & Clyde.

Listen to 'Sixth Sense' now: