MARIA Die RUHE has dropped a beguiling new video for her track, "Skin".

MARIA Die RUHE has quickly staked out a highly distinctive position in the field of pop as an unpredictable, innovative experimenter whose efforts straddle genre and theme. Her songs and music videos are beguiling works of abstract art, defying obvious interpretations and prompting lengthy, considered thought.


After her recent track “Art is the Only Real Translation of Living for Me”, Die RUHE’s latest effort is the intriguing “Skin”. The enigmatic, haunting tune is accompanied by a stop-motion music video that flashes through a host of mystical imagery as Die RUHE gets in touch with nature in the woods of Westerwald, Germany. The meaning is always elusive, but the intent to provoke and innovative is consistent.


On the track, Die RUHE says, “When Natalia and I shot the stop motion pictures in the woods, I didn´t know if I´d ever release the material. Getting naked in front of a mirror with 0 degrees isn´t my favourite thing. Neither is dying in a bathtub. But going through that process completed my realization of how important it is to live and not to hide anymore. One body, one life – so better live it!”


The confrontational and questioning approach of “Skin” puts her in venerated company with the likes of Lykke Li and MØ – artists who probe the traditional assumptions of femininity and its expression, and refuse to let their listeners sit comfortably with their tunes. It’s clear from this video that while Die RUHE recognises her scars, she’s also capable of creating something beautiful from them.

Watch the visual here: