Artist SEVNTEEN goes back to school with the release of the dynamic video for his single, “Sky High”.

At only 19, SEVNTEEN has demonstrated his determination to make an imprint on the rap scene. His music is energetic and distinctive, just like him, and the latest single “Sky High” is no different. The lead single on his upcoming album ‘XVII’, the track makes a strong first impression with big synths and hard-hitting drums.


The video, which reached over 170,000 views in less than a week, sees SEVNTEEN and his classmates re-create a raucous school day. He has described the video and shoot process as a “surreal experience” and the track as all about “having fun”, something that definitely translates into the visuals.


The single and video complement each other well, and SEVNTEEN’s on-screen performance drives the track to new heights. His blend of current aesthetics creates a unique style for fans and listeners to grasp onto. As an artist who’s at the forefront of rap’s new sound and style, we can’t wait to see what’s next.

Watch the video below: