Rising singer-songwriter Bella Gate navigates the ebbs and flows of adolescent relationships on latest track, ‘Sleepwalking’.

For Bella Gate, her artistry stretches back to when she was just 16 years old, when she would find herself penning lyrics so raw and emotive, they act as torn-out pages from her diary. Completely self-taught, Bella learnt the piano at 8 years old, as well as the guitar a little later on down the line. Since she has piqued listeners ears for her authenticity, refusing to sugarcoat her lyrics, all whilst crafting a distinctive sound that draws upon the soundscapes of alt-pop and jazz.


In her recent single, ‘Sleepwalking’ we see Bella bare her soul deeper than ever before. Diving into the complexities of youthful relationships—where emotions run high, and clarity seems fleeting—she confronts the uncertainty and perplexity that accompanies youthful infatuation.


With a hard-hitting array of piano chords carrying the track, her soulful vocals soothe the soundscape as angelic harmonies layer the track paradigmatically. Like a slice of softness, her mellow pop prowess takes centre stage as a free-flowing drum rhythm plays out in the instrumental. As the track progresses, we see Bella reflect on the past, however ultimately embracing the notion that sometimes, letting go, is the greatest act of self-love.


Speaking about the track, Bella Gate says: “This song is for anyone who looks back on their teenage years and sees mistakes and chaotic love. This song isn’t about regret or blame, it’s about love and life” Bella says.

Listen to 'Sleepwalking' now: