Set to launch the burgeoning artist into the limelight, X Revolution’s collaborative new single ‘SLF WRTH’ brings 90s hip-hop into a new era.

‘I got a story to tell’ is how X Revolution begins the rap of his new single, ‘SLF WRTH’. Dropped today, the track is only the second release of X Revolution but it’s proof that the emerging hip-hop artist, hailing from Australia, has a profound voice and much to say. Within and in between the lines of ‘SLF WRTH’, listeners can gather X Revolution’s worthy artistic mission, and indeed sense of self. 


The song’s hard-hitting rap bars – which, in the artist’s words, are about “not letting whatever hit you in the past, drag you down no more,” – reflect his belief in creativity’s restorative power to build a better future. Its soul-stirring chorus meanwhile is sung by fellow Australian musician Melia Lisa and speaks to X Revolution’s commitment to collaboration and collective movements. 


Production-wise, ‘SLF WRTH’ hits every note. It is irresistibly reminiscent of hip-hop’s golden era but, smoothly mastered with modern twists, the sound is fresh; an infectious beat and continuous, deep bassline maintain the steady upbeat energy whilst an orchestra of interesting percussive motifs tingle nerve endings. Over this backdrop,  X Revolution’s raw, Casisdead-like vocals add a grime edge which is then beautifully juxtaposed by the soulful R&B singing of Melia Lisa.


Introducing himself in 2024, X Revolution stated his aim: to harness music for positive change in the world. Now with two singles showcasing a unique take on hip-hop and poignant lyricism, this new rap talisman on the block has got us enticed. 

Listen to 'SLF WRTH' now: