GXTP are reigniting rock's fiery spirit.

Revolutionary. Electrifying. Unapologetic. These were the hallmarks of the original rock and roll era when music was a tidal wave of cultural change. Today, in an age dominated by virality and trend-chasing, these words have become rare accolades in the music industry. GXTP breaks this mould with their debut album, Smoke & Mirrors, a daring testament to the enduring spirit of true rock.


In a sea of contemporary artists, GXTP stands out for its originality and boldness. Here is a brand not focused on replicating viral trends for fleeting fame. Unlike most modern artists, their approach isn’t about following the pack; it’s about charting a new course, reviving the raw, unfiltered essence of rock that once shook the world. Smoke & Mirrors isn’t just an album; it’s a statement, a resurgence of the revolutionary spirit that birthed rock and roll.


From the electrifying riffs of ‘Lust & Purity’ to the unapologetic power of Tommy Lee’s ‘Contraband’, Smoke & Mirrors commands attention. Spiced with GXTP’s unique flavour, the latter is both an homage to the titans of the past and a bold stride into the future of rock. These standout tracks are more than just songs. They’re a riot of sound and emotion, resonating with the raw energy and complex artistry of GXTP’s unique style. This album doesn’t echo what it was; it’s a clarion call for what can be in a world hungry for genuine, passionate music.

The visual aspect of the album is just as impactful. The music video for ‘Lust & Purity’ is a stunning display of visual storytelling, a nostalgic journey back to the ’90s that simultaneously breaks new ground. It vividly illustrates GXTP’s ability to blend the auditory and visual into a powerful experience.


Smoke & Mirrors is a diverse, dynamic journey through the realms of rock. Energetic rhythms, gripping guitar riffs, and soul-stirring vocals combine to create a rich tapestry of sound. Each track is a distinct entity, yet together, they form a harmonious and compelling whole. This album doesn’t just play music; it tells stories, evokes emotions, and ignites passions.


Beyond the exhilarating melodies, the album delves deep into the heart of contemporary issues, reflecting the complexities of today’s society with clarity and depth. The production quality is impeccable, striking a perfect balance between polished sound and raw, unfiltered expression.

With the release of Smoke & Mirrors, GXTP doesn’t just mark their territory in the rock genre; they ignite a revolution. Now available on all streaming platforms, the album invites listeners to hear, feel, engage, and be part of a musical movement that transcends the ordinary.


In an age where music often becomes background noise, Smoke & Mirrors stands out as a beacon of what rock music can be. It’s a testament to GXTP’s skill, passion, and vision, marking them as newcomers to the scene and pioneers of a new rock revolution. Turn it up, let the music envelop you, and embark on this journey with GXTP. Welcome to the new era of rock – shaped by GXTP, inspired by legends, and forged for the future.

Listen to 'Smoke & Mirrors' by GXTP below: