Olivia Swann has shared her new single, “So Many Friends”, which is just popping with energy.

In 2020, the Berklee College of Music graduate Olivia Swann swooped onto the scene with her debut single “Salty”. Viral on TikTok (with influencer Kristen Hancher even dreaming up a dance for the track which was shared to all 24 million of her followers), the song set a precedent for Swann’s shrewd and cheeky comments on relationships in the age of social media. Her debut also singled her out for praise by 1Xtra’s DJ Target and BBC Radio One’s Jack Saunders.


Bringing back her down-to-earth vocals and upbeat sound, Swann has now launched her new single “So Many Friends”. Popping with energy, the tongue-in-cheek track is about fake social butterflies which haunt the nightlife scene.


With her endearing and bubbly discography, we can only expect bigger and better things from Olivia Swann.

Listen to "So Many Friends" below: