Press play on the new track from Grxwn Fxlks.

Heads up, hip-hop heads – Grxwn Fxlks just dropped their latest track ‘Sojourn’, and it’s the kind of track that sticks. You know, the kind that has you hitting repeat before the song even finishes? That’s what we’ve got here. Just landed on the Lyrical Lemonade scene, this single is laying down some serious groundwork for the duo’s upcoming series of singles.


The track hits you with those deep, gritty vibes straight from the get-go. Masai Turner’s lyric game is sharp, slicing through beats with precision, while Akil Esoon’s production is a smooth blend of old-school and new-school – the type that gets under your skin in the best way possible. These guys are crafting tracks that will just buzz for a minute; they’re making the kind of music that’s gonna last.


So go on, give your week a boost and let ‘Sojourn’ spin. Grxwn Fxlks are serving up something special, and you don’t want to sleep on it. Trust me, hit that play button below and let the beats roll. Artists to shout out for this hit include Akil Esoon and Masai Turner – the duo behind the classic vibes with a fresh twist. A beacon of originality.

Listen to 'Sojourn' below: