Newcomer PIE shares her jazzy sophomore single “Solitude”.

Old and new come together in PIE’s discography which feeds off contemporary and classic influences from Cleo Sol, Sasha Keable, and Erykah Badu to Aretha Franklin and Nina Simone.


The Brazilian-born artist has followed up her warm, charming, and ironically titled single “Apathy” with a chic new hit with a bite. “Solitude” intermixes old-fashioned recordings and a telephone call with delicate, jazzy guitar strums which build into a bursting romantic chorus – undercut by her deeply anti-romantic, straight-talking lyrics. PIE’s signature saxophone solos are also added to the mix.


PIE explains some of her process behind the track: “The opening line for the track “She had it coming to her but she is too independent” introduces my reflection upon the process of getting to know the true meaning of solitude, the most valuable gift a heartbreak can give you, the lonely path to yourself. The track contains excerpts of the real phone call that triggered the creation of the song, bringing the listeners close to my own experience in an attempt to tell a story that may have happened elsewhere, in a different time and place.”


With her hum-along tunes which draw on both Brazilian groove and UK jazz, we can’t wait to hear what PIE rustles up next.

Listen to "Solitude" below: