Claudia Bouvette unveils bubbly new single "Solo Night", an anthem of empowerment.

On the brink of the release of her upcoming album, ‘The Paradise Club’, Claudia Bouvette is back with a grooving single for summer. Following from previous tracks like “BBZ” and “Miss Blumenfeld”, Bouvette has mastered the art of the earworm track.


Born in Montreal, Bouvette is a singer-songwriter who’s cultivated a strong position in the Quebec cultural sphere for over a decade. Her style combines electro-pop sounds with elements of analog instrumentation, with refined production bringing the sounds of past years firmly into the future. Nostalgic in its synth undertones and 80s drum line, new single “Solo Night” puts Bouvette’s sweet vocal melodies against a pulsing beat. Following the story of an independent woman who wishes to prioritise her own happiness, the theme of empowerment carries across much of the rising artist’s work. As an ode to freedom, the song’s subject frees herself from a toxic relationship.


This sentiment is echoed by the music video (directed by Lou-Pascal Tremblay), depicting Bouvette’s self-confidence in various colourful settings. ‘The Paradise Club’ is out on May 20th via Bonsound and is available now for pre-order on vinyl, CD and digital formats.

Stream "Solo Night" below"