Jacksonville-based singer-songwriter Matt Cooper has mastered compelling storytelling skills and is an artist to watch.

Matt Cooper is a 20-year-old country singer-songwriter from Jacksonville, FL. Growing up, his family valued sports and encouraged him to embrace them as well. He always accompanied his dad to baseball matches. However, Matt discovered his passion for music while in middle school. His mom loved playing piano, so one day, at their grandmother’s, he saw her playing and was intrigued. When they returned home in the evening, Matt tried learning a bunch of songs on the piano. It’s been over ten years, and his love for music grows by the day.


Matt started writing songs as a freshman in college and has never looked back. He is glad he took this path and is currently making a career for himself. One night, he stayed up and wrote five songs in three hours. “What the heck did I do? I had never written so much or stayed up as late as I did that night. I’m an early sleeper, so you can imagine what was going through my mind”, Matt exclaims.


Thrilled by his craft, Matt started saving money to produce his songs. After saving enough, he travelled to Nashville with his parents’ company to get them recorded. Immediately after stepping into the studio, Matt decided to take the path toward a music career. To date, he has written about 60 songs, and the number continues to grow.

Matt is undoubtedly on his way to stardom. He has achieved a lot in a short time; he appeared on the Billboard Top 100 for his single “Ain’t Met Us Yet,” and on the Hot Country Playlist. He was also recognized among the Rising Stars in Nashville, and he has a massive following (1M followers) on TikTok and over 17 million streams on Spotify and Apple Music thus far. As an independent artist, Matt struggled to promote his songs, but he never lost hope; he turned to TikTok to try his luck. Fortunately, this approach worked in his favour, and the astute singer thrived through the platform. He vows to keep using the app to promote his music until it no longer exists.


Matt’s debut single, “Aint Met Us Yet” has been pushing him to stardom. He teased the feel-good ballad on social media before its release, and amazingly, it received an overall 22 million streams. “It was officially released in late spring and hit #1 overall on the iTunes All-Genre Sales Chart. To celebrate, Matt is set to release his very own exclusive NFT fan club, Club Coop, which will consist of 10K members who will be eligible for lifetime access to any of his shows, exclusive merch, and access to Livestream events”, his manager shared.


The country singer’s journey has not been all roses. At one point during the Covid-19 pandemic, he went through phases where he had writer’s block. Fortunately, he met great people, such as Tyler Shaw, Dylan Brady, and Tom Mann, who assisted him in reviving his songs. Matt also had a tough time when his mother was diagnosed with cancer. He turned to music for inspiration to keep on fighting. He leans on music and faith to also help his mom keep fighting, which is why he composes a lot of slow songs. In the future, the country singer would love to be still making music. He also wishes that one day, he will be able to play his songs to 20,000 of his closest fans at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

Stream “Something Beautiful” below: