• Words
  • Photography Suede Baby
  • Styling Misty Couture
  • Makeup Grace Sinnott
  • Nails The Glam Squad

NAHLI flies solo with her empowering new single “Something’s Gotta Change”, harnessing her talent and craft to drive change

With features on tracks with Professor Green, Rude Kid, Crystal Fighters and Conducta, NAHLI is already a stalwart in the music industry. Armed with a defiant message and undeniably electric charisma, NAHLI takes it to the next level with her solo venture “Something’s Gotta Change”.

Tracking the genesis of the anthem’s creation, NAHLI explains, ‘The world is starting to allow triggering messages in film and TV series, more and more every day. We’re seeing more understanding of LGBTQIA+. We’re seeing more representation of race and colour. We’re broadening our minds. We’re no longer brushing topics like rape and racism and discrimination under the rug. The media is no longer turning their backs on women claiming to be a “victim” or for “asking for it” or “she wore provocative clothing”. NOW is the time for change. I want people to feel empowered by this track. You’re not alone anymore. This is a movement. This is my absolute proudest work.’

This call to action epitomizes who NAHLI is as an artist – endearingly honest and exceptionally driven, NAHLI’s poetic record is both bold and necessary. Produced by up-and-coming duo 9Pockets and award-winning technologist Manon Dave, the record benefits from both fresh inspirational flair as well as gifted experience. Stunning visuals accompany the new release, directed by fellow multidisciplinary artist Cat Couture, matching the song’s powerful and thought-provoking message.


Not only a testament to her unique raw talent and impressive approach to music, NAHLI’s new single places her firmly at the helm of a movement for change, transforming this artist into a spokesperson and activist, taking a stand, and demanding that “Something’s Gotta Change.”

Watch the music video below: