Houston-born singer-songwriter, Coline Creuzot, unveils her newest single “Sometimes”, a slow-burning R&B anthem reminding us to love unapologetically.

Coline Creuzot always knew music was a part of her destiny. After completing an undergraduate degree in Business Management at Hampton University, Coline eventually relocated to LA to pursue music full time. Equipped with soulful pipes that hark back to the golden age of R&B – alongside her creative drive and business mind – Coline is forging a path of greatness.


Working with songwriter Sam Hook (who has written for Ne-Yo, Trey Songz and Keyshia Cole), alongside long-time friend and collaborator Happy Perez (who has produced for Miguel, Mariah Carey and Frank Ocean), Coline Creuzot presents her latest track “Sometimes”. The song sets out on an ambient journey carried along by pulsing 808s, layered with Coline’s textured harmonies and soulful vocals.


Unpicking the track’s meaning, Coline confides, ‘Sometimes we hold back telling people how much we love them or miss them for many different reasons, but the song has a refreshing honesty. The message is, if you love someone, let them know.’


Having signed a deal with BH Talent Agency in early 2020, Coline is expanding her horizons into the world of acting, fashion and beauty. However, with the release of previous singles “Alone”, “I Still Love You” and her most recent track “Sometimes”, it seems music will always be Coline’s first love.

Stream the track below:

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