Croydon-born Quiet Storm cooks up an assertive synth-pop anthem titled, ‘Song On The Radio.’

Quiet Storm’s backstory is as interesting as they come. Born from the creative mind of celebrity stylist, Dean Aslett, his extensive career within the fashion industry is as impressive as the next. Working with powerhouses like Versace and styling the likes of Princess Diana, Prince William and Elton John, Quiet Storm has left fashion’s glitz and glam behind, seeking to etch his name into the history of music with his gooey synth-pop sound that beckons a head bop, or two.


With music woven into the threads of his upbringing, Quiet Storm swiftly developed a passion for electronica, which led him to immerse himself in London’s rich clubbing culture in the ’80s. It was there where he furthered his passion for pulsating basslines and edgy synths, as he found sanctuary in hypnotic melodies. Set to push the electronic genre even further, he has since released two singles that have garnered widespread support in electronica’s saturated scene.


In his latest track, ‘Song On The Radio’, we see Quiet Storm flip his usual recipe of dreamy abstract sounds into a feel-good synth-driven anthem. Collaborating with producer, Chase Emery Davis, the track sees a classic concoction of upbeat drum machine samples, synth stabs and new wave keys and guitars, as listeners are pulled into a danceable frenzy. In the track, we hear 80s sensibilities come into play as Quiet Storm captures the anger of betrayal with a unique melancholic danceability.


Quiet Storm shared: “‘Song On The Radio’ simply came from a desire to create something a bit different and more assertive, “in yer face” to what I normally create which is normally more abstract. I don’t normally go in for big choruses but this one just came out of nowhere and sounds more American than European with a slight late 70s new wave touch. Obviously, the song is about personal betrayal and the song was a cathartic release.”


Presave ‘Song On The Radio’ here and listen to an exclusive preview here now: