Lizette Lizette's new single embraces the spirit of hard-won freedom.

Lizette Lizette put themselves on the map with the release of their debut album ‘Queerbody’ in 2017, which was renowned for its synth-pop stylings and keen understanding of queer cultural history in its references to voguing.


After the successful follow-up in the form of 2019’s ‘NON’, they’re back and beginning the run-up to a highly anticipated new EP, announced by the release of the new single “Sorry”, which finds Lizette Lizette embracing what made them popular whilst pushing their music forward.


The track embraces an ethereal sensibility as Lizette Lizette’s vocals float above an atmospheric mixture of synths, capturing the feeling of truly getting lost in the experience and letting the outside world and all its barriers become irrelevant: in its own way, it’s a bold call of defiance, one that will surely resonate with their global fanbase.


On the song, they comment, “In this song, I want to embody the feeling of having nothing left to lose. Everything is over – I want to die – now I accelerate over the edge to the precipice. It is a complex and contradictory feeling, because once you get to the point where you have nothing to lose anymore, you realize how free you can be, that everything is suddenly possible and how wonderful life really is. So how will it be then? It is a state of mind I want to continue exploring for a while longer.”

Listen here: