London-based project Afterz beckon everyone to the dancefloor on latest track ‘Soul Searching’.

Afterz have got their sound down to a ‘T’. Bringing electronic and organic sounds to the forefront, their music is a dose of summer euphoria, filled with delicate synths and funky percussion interludes that compel you to dance along to its groove. Unafraid to bring musical influences from their travels—between London, New York and Lagos— to the mix, the duo’s most recent single is a melting pot of influences and is only testament to their genre-pushing artistry.


Titled ‘Soul Searching’, the track is centred on the moments when you’ve finally found what you’ve been searching for all your life. Tapping up R&B whizz Azekel, their soulful sounds sit atop ethereal production that draws upon Latin and Afro nuances as well as carrying an undercurrent of jazz. From shimmering synths to a saxophone interlude that sits in the midst of the track, the song incorporates differing Afro styles as well as disco tendencies, all of which whisks you away to better sun-kissed moments.


Speaking about the track, Afterz say, “The song is about the moment when you’ve finally arrived in front of what you’ve been searching for in life, whatever that means to you personally, and the feeling just before you are about to embrace it.”

Listen to 'Soul Searching' now: