Canadian artist, Soran, marks a new musical era with the release of his otherworldly tune “SPACE BOY” alongside captivating visuals, cementing his status as a rising star.

Soran is embarking on a new musical adventure with “SPACE BOY”, and we are so here for it. This is one artist to watch, for sure.


His most personal project to date, the Montreal-born artist of a French father and a Japanese mother was named after the 1965 Japanese monochrome anime series ‘Space Boy Soran’. His new single offered a tender opportunity to honour this connection and his late mother. Keen-eyed fans might notice that the artwork mimics the games’ visuals and also sees Soran’s name written in Japanese script.


Using “SPACE BOY” as an opportunity to experiment and exercise his full creative control, Soran proves his undeniable talent with his genre-bending soundscape. Capturing attention with distorted robotic vocals, “SPACE BOY” eventually melts into Soran’s groovy futuristic production, melding elements of R&B and indie-pop.


The captivating music video, directed by Guillaume Landry, echoes the musical transformation Soran is questing on. With stunning natural scenery, the video sees Soran journey to a secluded cabin in the woods where his creative process transports him to new worlds. From stumbling through dark misty woods to swimming in waterfalls and lakes embellished with lotuses, the hypnotising music video takes the viewer on a stunning visual adventure from start to finish.


Labelling the single “his favourite project yet”, the meaning of “SPACE BOY” goes deeper than his namesake. Soran’s mother sadly passed away last August, so while “SPACE BOY” represents a turning point in his musical career, it functions as a homage to his mother as he continues his ascension into the stars. Judging by his impressive journey so far, it won’t take him long to arrive.

Watch the music video below: