Louie Blue shares his latest track “Spaceman”, showcasing his melodic flow and unique vocals.

Hailing from Finland, Louie Blue is making waves across the pop scene with his eclectic blend of pop, Jazz and electric RnB. With its addictive modern-day pop sound, Louie nevertheless stays true to his distinctive style with his new track “Spaceman”. With a sublime production and synth element, his sound sets him apart from the mainstream.


In “Spaceman”, Louie channels feelings of anxiety and loneliness into an addictive Summer track. The upbeat production emphasises the narrative that being lonely isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Louie explains: ‘“Spaceman”… describes the feeling when you just want to get out of all the hustle and bustle, to somewhere far away. Fly along the orbit and float like an astronaut. For me, loneliness can also mean freedom, and that is what this song is about.”


First making his mark on the scene in 2019, Louie Blue caught the attention of Sony Finland and released his debut EP ‘Notes’, which met with critical acclaim. His charisma and charm shine through the soulful dance music he creates – his latest single, “Spaceman”, is sure to accelerate his journey into the stars.

Stream the track below: