Hong Kong based electro-pop artist, XTIE, drops her addictive self-produced single "Spaceship".

Independent artist XTIE has made a name for herself crafting sugar-sweet, dream-pop beats layered with razor-sharp lyricism and her attention-grabbing vocals. Her latest self-produced track “Spaceship”, as seen on MTV Asia, is an anthemic electro-pop banger, tracing the dark thoughts, insecurities, toxicity and bad habits that plague the world today.


Diving more into the story behind the track, XTIE shares: ‘”Spaceship” is an echo to my debut single “Flower Town’” which is a happier, younger, and freer-sounding song about finding inner peace and escapism. A contrast to the seemingly naivety of “Flower Town”, “Spaceship” takes on a more mature approach in recognizing the difficulty that lies in escaping from the bigger problems in life.’


Futuristic visuals directed by FANSHU and KAHO complete the track, showing off XTIE’s shimmering star quality. As well as her own material, XTIE writes and produces for other artists. Most recently, she worked on the theme song for ViuTV’s Kingsmaker IV (a girl group idol competition), cementing XTIE’s status as an exciting one-to-watch.


With her debut album set for release in March of next year, we can’t wait to see what this electrifying newcomer does next. Keep your eyes peeled!

Listen to "Spaceship" below: