Breakbeat icons Loxy & Ink return for their first new song of 2022.

Double act Loxy & Ink have a major legacy at their backs. The pair were present at the very beginnings of breakbeat culture in the UK, and have been crucial figures in pushing it forward for almost three decades. They’re not just following trends – they’ve been making them too.


With all this experience notched, the pair’s creative curiosity remains, and they’re just as amped to make music as ever. On the heels of last year’s “Manifested Visions”, Loxy & Ink are dropping their first track of 2022 in the form of “Spray Trains of Thought”.


The music video begins with iconic vistas of London, emphasising the duo’s pride in forming part of the capital city’s rich musical culture, and the energetic and fast-paced track with its rapid bars displays a well-earned confidence that they belong there. With its refrain of “Stay true to yourself”, it’s a rallying cry for the breakbeat culture they helped birth to keep going and keep stating its purpose – not bad for three decades in the job!


You can pre-order the single on vinyl here, with a B-side by Ink, Loxy & Resound titled “Channel”.

Watch here: