Domien Cnockaert’s alter-ego Mondingo is back with new track “Starlight”.

The Belgium-based multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, producer and co-founder of Durbuy Music, mixes dance-floor aimed patterns with his classic lyricism. His many skills transform tracks into something beautiful for alternative music fans.


On speaking on his latest track, Mondingo explained “to me, Starlight is about self-reflection. Searching and finding. Standing still, analyzing, realising and evolving. Accepting and letting go of things, characteristics and feelings”. Self-reflection we can agree on, everyone has been doing a lot of.


When not sharing the stage with the likes of Charlotte Adigéry, Emma Bale, Hooverphonic, Le Manou and LIMITS, Mondingo is situated in the beautiful and hazy landscapes of the Belgian Ardennes mountains. Residing there at his own creative studio, Durbuy Music, guiding fellow artists with production and songwriting.

Stream "Starlight" below: