Maryland-based DJ, producer, and musical artist Joseph Liverman wows his fans with the uptempo anthem “Stay”.

Back again with what is sure to be a new favourite hit with his fans, Maryland-based artist Joseph Liverman releases “Stay”: a high-energy yet intricately crafted song that showcases his innate abilities as a DJ and producer.


As an innovative artist, Joseph impresses with each new release, and “Stay” is no exception. Fans of all music genres continue to obsess over his tracks as he expertly weaves hypnotic sounds, euphoric vocals, and meaningful lyrics together in a way that keeps you hitting ‘repeat’. Between the infectious beat and hard-hitting lyrics like “I’ll go anywhere, anywhere to find you”, Joseph has created the perfect blend of artistry and entertainment that he is known for.


As a skilled artist who’s been making music for years now, Joseph has paved his own path throughout the industry and still has more magic up his sleeve. With high aspirations for making it big and becoming a household name, we have no doubts that Joseph has what it takes to become one of the greats. And with “Stay”, he gives the world another opportunity to see his musical genius at work.

Stream “Stay" below: