Roche Musique's Kartell keeps providing us with the feel-good vibes thanks to his new single "Stay", featuring Tim Atlas.

Just released is “Stay”, the third and final single from French producer Kartell’s upcoming EP, ‘Daybreak’, a collab with Tim Atlas.


“Stay” joins fellow singles “All In” feat. Che Lingo and “Time” feat. Qendresa and « Coopslast » to form ‘Daybreak’, which is out on February 19th.


Produced with a DX7 synth, Roche Musique’s Kartell joined forces with American singer and producer Tim Atlas for “Stay” – making the listener feel on top of the world with the warm and organic textures to the track.


Instantly able to make you feel good with the glimmering electronica aspects, Tim Atlas’s vocals are honey-sweet against a peaceful, happy soundscape. Composed within just a few hours, Kartell explains that “‘Stay’ embodies a lot of nostalgia that I am constantly looking for in my music”.

Stream "Stay" featuring Tim Atlas below: