Post-punk band A VOID are back with their latest release “Stepping on Snails”, a rallying cry to embrace life as an adventure.

A VOID, a post-punk three-piece originally from Paris but now based in London, have made a name for themselves with their high-energy live shows and unapologetic attitude. Never afraid to get in your face, A VOID are back with their hard-hitting track “Stepping on Snails”, an encouragement to shun the responsibilities of adulthood and break free from the anxieties and stress of everyday life.


Propelled by driving basslines from Aaron Hartmann and drop-dead drumbeats by Marie Niemiec, distorted riffs layer with Camille Alexander’s vocals, which echo through the track with impressive range, from angelically affecting to outbursts that are borderline violent. Using ‘stepping on snails’ as a metaphor of luck, the track promotes a message of acceptance, acknowledging that everyone is going through their own troubles and someone else’s pain shouldn’t invalidate our own.


With plenty of music to come, live shows in the pipeline that are notorious for their unmatched chaotic energy (expect stage diving, broken gear and lots of headbanging), and more on their mind they need to get off their chest, get ready to see a lot more of A VOID in the future.

Watch the video below: