Producer girl_irl drops explosive new 'industrial pop' track "Sting".

A former touring DJ and current producer, girl_irl (Em Perlman) is an artist making music with a range of sonic influences. Their latest brand of “industrial pop” follows a stream of singles making waves across the internet. The artist describes loving “throwing curveballs” into her musical output, and her new track “sting” is no different.


girl_irl may have only arrived on the music scene last year, but their Spotify already boasts over half a million streams, counting previous tracks such as “sinclair” and “girlboss” amongst fan favourites. Atlanta-bred and Brooklyn-based, girl_irl’s new track comes as part of her brand new mini-EP ‘world champ’. Taking inspiration from a diverse set of roots, including Middle Eastern and North African, they explores a landscape that taps into new genres.


“Sting” exemplifies this sound, full of electric energy ready for a live show. Speaking further on the new release, girl_irl says, “‘sting’ is the follow-up track to “float”, part of a small project based around the idea of body autonomy and self-worth. ‘sting’ came together in the span of 48 hours as a way to talk about bad people in creative power. Overall, “sting”, “match” and “float” were inspired by video games I used to play when I was younger, a love for the ‘underdog narrative’ and taking back control.”

Stream "Sting" here: