Stepping out with his sophomore single, 'Stockholm', songwriter ROJS ruminates relationships with raw emotion and experimentation.

“‘Stockholm’ is about being stuck in a bad relationship that is kind of abusive but you are too drawn towards it to give up on it,” explains ROJS, the Slovenian-born singer-songwriter whose poignant new single ruminates relationship psychology. For a sophomore release, ‘Stockholm’ is remarkably personal, telling of the emerging artist’s bold, authentic approach to producing music. The track’s alternative, melancholic pop sound also offers a taster of his forthcoming debut album which is set to emerge this summer.


Despite having only two singles out, ROJS’s style is distinctive and sonically eclectic. The genre-blending heard in both ‘Stockholm’ and its predecessor ‘4am’, may be attributed to the artist’s globe-trotting habit of writing songs whilst in transit. Currently, he’s based between London and LA but ‘Stockholm’ was born in Sydney where he began questioning a long-distance relationship. Empty hotel rooms prompted introspection whilst nightly train rides became a therapeutic space for processing emotions through creativity.


Returning to London, ROJS had just enough funds saved to record the project at Abbey Road Studios. However, still dealing with unresolved relationship issues, his ‘Stockholm’ story didn’t end there. The lyrics were edited on a plane to Los Angeles, and having never visited the state before, its newness felt inspiring; it was there that he finalised and recorded the song.


Named after the syndrome where captives develop emotional bonds with their captor, ‘Stockholm’ begins like a ballad and shapeshifts as it unfolds. Ethereal piano work gathers strength while a moody drum pattern enters the background. ROJS’s breathy, sombre vocals are meanwhile brightened by the interruption of shrill electric guitars. All together this racket pulses with emotion and presents a promising start for the multi-faceted talent, who we hope to hear more from in the futer.

Listen to 'Stockholm' by RJOS now: