Berlin-based musician Sarah Almoril drops the bass-driven pop single "Stop Signs".

Her third single to date, Sarah Almoril kicked off her musical journey earlier this year with “Heartbroken Kid” and “LDGAF.” Now, she’s back with the earworm pop number “Stop Signs.”
Growing up in a small German town with Spanish and Brazilian roots, Sarah’s desire to chase her music dream led her to leave home at 15 years old. After a few rocky years, Sarah found her feet in modelling and took root in artsy capital of Berlin.
Sarah’s drive is evident in the music she’s created to date. In her first writing session, she penned her debut single “Heartbroken Kid” in just a few hours. With an addictive beat and bass-heavy core, the anxiety-filled lyrics created a haunting soundscape that’s racked up almost 800,000 streams on Spotify.
Follow up single “LDGAF” was an equally personal number, whilst showcasing the budding artist’s darker side.
We’re predicting big things for Sarah Almoril. Keep an eye on this one.

Watch the music video for "Stop Signs" below: