D3lta has released an upbeat and empowering new tune, "Strange".

D3lta has never been uncomfortable with the idea of “strange”. Growing up in Greece, he cycled through keen interests in classical music on the piano and grungier music on the guitar, eventually coming to a passion for the underground music scene when he studied engineering in London.


He spent a significant amount of time performing as part of his band, Black and Blue, before the band’s split allowed him to focus on his own solo material to great effect. Becoming a huge hit in his native Greece, D3lta rose past the difficulties of the COVID pandemic to release two acclaimed singles last year.


Now, with a long time to focus and experiment in the studio, D3lta has built up an impressive library of tunes showcasing his musical range and lessons learned from inspirations such as Elton John, Tame Impala and Muse. They’re all on display in the new tune “Strange”, which chronicles the positive lessons learned from a past relationship. Jumping in with a cheerful acoustic line, the song builds its way to a powerful expression of the need for another presence in life, and the pain when it is taken away. It puts forward a weary optimism that will surely resonate with its listeners.


On the track, D3lta says, “With ‘Strange’, I really wanted to communicate the positive ways I was affected by a particular relationship, despite it having ended. The music, and the video, chart the story of acceptance and the relief brought about by accepting uniqueness and individuality, both in yourself and in others. I hope that it just uplifts listeners the way that it does me, and helps them embrace the Strange.”

Listen here: