Japanese sportswear giant Asics has collaborated with stylistic German brand GmbH to reimagine the classic GEL-Nandi 360 silhouette.

Currently, with two colourways, the options cater to those who like loud and bright colours and those who prefer the muted neutral colours – natural green and hot pink, and black and khaki.


The individually innovative brands have produced a product that is not just aesthetically pleasing to look at and wear but one that has several benefits and such as, the classic GEL technology which is a central component to the history and future of the ASICS brand. Equally, GmbH creates fashion through storytelling, craft and technology so this collaboration is a match made in heaven.


Another key difference you will notice is rendering of the shoe surface which varies from slick glossy surfaces to matte and tactile, echoing GmbH’s interest in the juxtaposition of the synthetic and natural.