• Words
  • Photography Elena Torrano
  • Design Elly Malone

Experimental pop artist bexx releases her debut EP, ‘SUCKER’, an anti-love project for people with big feelings.

We’ve all had an embarrassing moment or two in our love lives that we’d rather forget. bexx is the rising artist who’s choosing to keep it real, writing her misfortune into her euphoric pop tracks – instead of swiftly sweeping it under the rug. Her debut EP, ‘SUCKER’ is a collection of tunes described as ‘cathartic anti-love songs for people with big feelings’ with a side of humour. 


“I had so much FUN writing this EP, I was laughing the whole time,” she confides, “It’s about times in my life that felt heavy and lonely, but writing these songs made me feel lighter. Almost all of these songs have a punchline. Pop music just doesn’t have to be that serious.” 


bexx’s oh-so-relatable songs cover all from the desperation for an ex to text you, feeling embarrassed by having emotions, and, naturally, a friends with benefits situation. Reminiscent of Carly Rae Jepsen’s colourful melodies and catchy lyrics, the musician has found a vibrant sound that suits her unapologetic character. 


Having headlined Nottinghamshire Pride, and supported the likes of Fickle Friends and Deco, bexx is gearing up for an exciting future. Tomorrow, she’ll be setting off for a handful of UK performances, beginning with Nottingham Pride, before Bute Fest on the 30th. August 12th, she’ll also be gracing Colchester and Gravesham’s Pride celebrations for fans in the South. 


Listen to 'SUCKER' below: