Orbit unveils his latest nostalgic EP, ‘Summer Someday’.

In 2020, producer Marcel Heym swapped bustling Berlin for the North German countryside – and his project, Orbit, was born. A debut EP, ‘Perspectives’, was launched in February 2020 and quickly ramped up 1 million streams. It now sits at 4 million.


Soon after, Orbit performed his first-ever live event, with collaborators Morlin Baginski and Nils Oswald in force. The session, recorded at ‘Tonstudio Tessmar’ in Hannover, established Heym’s project as a key new player on the pop circuit.


Now, Orbit has shared a new EP, ‘Summer Someday’, which features a fresh track “Friday Night” on its list. Capturing post-pandemic party vibes, the single is Orbit’s most dance-fuelled music to date.


On the new EP, Orbit has said: “With ‘Summer Someday’ I am trying to describe a dream that I often have. The dream triggers a desire for something without really knowing what it is. Sometimes it’s visualized with a woman, sometimes I see myself, sometimes I see parts of nature like the moon or flowers. A few times I have seen my grandparents in their 20s after the second world war sitting by the river in my hometown. But most of the time the dream is just a bright and colorful abstract feeling. I’ve tried to write a dream diary but I got lost in the descriptions. So I started writing songs and visualized it with videos. ‘Summer Someday’ became my purest form of translation between dream and reality.”

Speaking on “Friday Night”, he adds: “I wrote this song about a scene in my life: Friday Night. The moon shines. Feeling sad and overwhelmingly good at the same time. Lovers. Loud music. Being lonely or in a crowd of people – or both. Colorful strobe lights. All this melting into an ecstatic moment happening in one song”.


Orbit is planning a series of community-leaning pop-up events to take place around Europe. Submerging his fans in the world of the Orbit project, he will also be sharing unreleased demos, song diaries, and artworks on his website. We will definitely be keeping our eyes peeled for more.

Listen to 'Summer Someday' below: