Fo Daniels has dropped a rocking new single, "Summers Past".

Fo Daniels’ aim as a musician is simple: it’s to row back against the modern wave of electronic music crafted with the help of technology, and to find a classic rock sound that celebrates everything that can be done with just a simple guitar.


He has spent two years honing his skills and focusing on thoughtful and intricate production and songwriting that authentically captures the essence of great rock music, and he’s now ready to let his hard work bear fruit, with a debut album dropping very soon.


His latest single, “Summers Past”, offers a tantalising cut of what to expect. Accompanied by an entertainingly low-fi music video, the song delves into the wistful nostalgia of remembering the good times and trying to hold onto the feelings they created, with crunchy and memorable guitar riffs proving Daniels’ scholarly fascination with rock music has been put to good use.


Daniels comments, ‘Summers Past’ is probably the most personal song on the album. It deals with a lot of influential aspects of my life that I also feel can be relatable to a lot of people- growing up with a single mom, feeling out of place, insomnia, and finding a strong sense of purpose in something you love.”

Watch here: