Returning after the success of her debut EP, Canadian R&B artist Rayl touches upon seasonal romance across new cut “Summertime”.

Jamaican-born Rayl is an R&B singer-songwriter currently residing in Toronto, Canada. Crafting a sound of intimate storytelling through gentle percussion, Rayl makes creating music look easy. Produced by Adam Josh, “Summertime” also sees the artist collaborate with Toronto rising star Erin B as an additional songwriter. 


Bursting onto the scene with her critically acclaimed debut EP ‘Romeo Must Die’, Rayl’s latest sees the artist kiss goodbye to summer romance with a contagious hit. Released ahead of her forthcoming film project ‘Romeo Must Die’, “Summertime” eagerly anticipates Rayl’s next chapter with an emotive ballad.  


Talking about the track, Rayl says: “As fall approaches, it’s the time to reminisce about the perfect summer romance and I wanted “Summertime” to evoke those feelings of warmth and happiness. I think it is the perfect end-of-summer song. As for how the song came about, Erin and I were listening to guitar instrumentals during a session, and once we stumbled on the perfect one, the melody and lyrics just started to perfectly form. I was thinking about the kind of vibe I was going for in terms of easy on the ears and sweet, and “Summertime” is just that.”

Stream "Summertime" below: