Irish alt-pop duo, PRiiCE, make their debut with “Sunflower”, a track shimmering with euphoric vibrations.

Familiarise yourself with PRiiCE, the Irish alt-pop pair introducing themselves to the scene with their new single “Sunflower”. Bright, liberating and flowing with serene beats and funk-inspired synth, the track sows the seeds for what to expect from this duo.


“Sunflower” is a preview of PRiiCE’s forthcoming EP, which promises to be a collage of genres spanning electro-pop, indie and hip hop. The pair blend rhythmic vocals with unforgettable melodic riffs to create their genre-bending sound, echoing artists such as Everyone You Know and easy life.


Discussing their new single, PRiiCE explain: “Sunflower came together really quickly and became a real turning point for us in terms of the music we had been writing. Sunflower sparked some new approaches to writing for us and was really the birthplace of PRiiCE. It’s the result of a day’s work after an unfortunate hard drive malfunction, but maybe that adds to what the song is.”


Expect to see a lot more from this duo in the future.

Stream "Sunflower" below: