Virginia duo Sunny & Gabe, take Street Fighter to the backwoods in the video for Hadouken.

At Notion, we’re predicting big things for lo-fi, genre-busting folk this coming autumn. This week we’ve already seen what the likes of Conner Youngblood and Mallrat can do with a little outside influence and now it’s the turn of Virginia’s Sunny Moonshine and Gabe Niles to push the boundaries with their debut single ‘Hadouken’. Sunny & Gabe are both stalwarts of the city’s music scene, Sunny a renown singer-songwriter and Gabe best known as an in-house producer for fellow Virginian DRAM.


Premiering on Notion today ‘Hadouken’ is a Street Fighter sampling, hip hop influenced track. Programmed drums and chopped up samples litter the track, echoing the groove of the guitar as the track lollops along. Meanwhile, Sunny’s lyrics tell the tale of a bitter breakup, with a hook built around the refrain ‘know your place, the fuck out my face’ and ‘you just made me throw up’. The track’s accompanying video takes the songs key components, a remorseless break-up and Street Fighter, and runs with them, following Sunny as she steals her ex’s car, takes a road trip and trashes it, arcade-game effects overlaid as she does. Watch/ listen to ‘Hadouken’ below.