Tim Young’s piano ballad, “Supernova” explores the all-consuming power of love and the gut-wrenching ache when it goes away.

“Supernova” was written eight years ago; that’s how long it took Tim Young to overcome the hurdles that came with releasing such a deeply personal song. “This song was so important to me, it became this giant that I couldn’t tackle, and with every year that passed by, it only got bigger, more imposing”, he confides of the goosebump-inducing production. Stripped-back in terms of production, Young allows the lyrics and his vulnerable vocals to tell his story, without unnecessary embellishments. In its most basic form, the offering narrates the story of a relationship from its conception to its demise, allowing listeners to interact with his own story. “Supernova still sounds and feels as alive and timely as the day I wrote it”, he continues, “It’s perennial. It’s universal. It’s out of my hands.”


Speaking further on the meaning, he says, “I had one of those relationships that burned hot and fast, breaking up and getting back together over and over again, until it ultimately imploded on itself. He used to own a flower shop, and one day while we were walking around the city, he pointed out a bouquet of Supernovas. That word stuck in my head; it felt like us. A supernova is the death of a star, an explosion creating one of the most brilliant, brightest events in the universe, leaving behind a husk, a monument to what once was.”


Tim Young’s atmospheric storytelling stretches beyond this release, his rock-meets-alt-pop sound striking a chord with fans throughout his output. He’s worked with the likes of Paul McCartney, David Bowie, and Ashanti among others, in the process becoming a multi-Grammy certified vocalist, songwriter and producer. Having previously worked in Broadway, as well as his native New York’s nightlife scene, he’s now ready to set off on his venture as a solo artist. Seeking to spread his brutally honest and tragically comedic stories to the world, the multi-faceted musician is one to watch.

Listen to "Supernova" below: