Tap into the conscious and uplifting sounds of KIRBY and D Smoke on their new track "Superpower".

Mississippi-bred singer and songwriter KIRBY has returned with her bold new single “Superpower”. A cross between modern R&B and soul, this track is her way of reminding people of the power of their skin, to see it as a superpower more than anything else. The raspiness and maturity of KIRBY’s vocals is recognisable as she carefully decorates her layered harmony lines across the chorus, deepening the texture of the overall track. Inglewood rapper, D Smoke, ties the song together with his rhymes and subtle world play references, making it known that they are not just good at what they do but deliver music with true substance, music that shows that they have something important to say.


KIRBY’s work ethic pegs her as not just a vocalist but a well-versed songwriter, earning her long list of achievements as she is the name behind many US hits. Including the acoustic guitar-driven track, “FourFiveSeconds” by Paul McCartney, Rihanna and Kanye West, “Die With You” by Beyonce, “Break Your Heart Right Back” by pop queen Ariana Grande and so much more. “Superpower” follows from her 7 track debut EP ‘Sis’ which marked the beginning of her journey as a fully-fledged artist and not just a talented songwriter.


Sharing her thoughts on the track, she says: “I wonder who I would be, had I grown up believing that being Black is a Superpower… Believing that instead of capes, we were given skin that’s so varied and complex; we can be dark as the night or bright as the sun. This song is for the melaninated superheroes who walk this earth. Your skin is not your burden, your skin is not your curse, your skin is not your choice, BUT it is your Superpower”.


With her industry songwriting experience and her soulful vocals, KIRBY is proving to be an artist to keep on your radar and we are looking forward to seeing what comes next.

Stream "Superpower" below: