Richard Orofino brings more of his 'sadcore' sound with latest single "Superstar".

Long-Islander Richard Orofino is a Brooklyn based singer, songwriter and producer back with his second instalment for 2022, single “Superstar”. Continuing to demonstrate his versatility, he is an artist proving the pay-off of hard-work and consistency.


Having discovered an interest in production in 2013, Orofino expanded his existing passion for singer-songwriting. Collaborating with a diverse group across New York, LA, Nashville and London, he released a string of releases in 2021, before the much anticipated EP ‘Chimaera’. Once existing in the bedroom-pop sphere, his interests, as well as his musical output has continued to evolve alongside the artist himself.


Beginning 2022 with offbeat single “Bending”, “Superstar” is a hook-filled ‘sadcore’ tune that sonically echoes 90s sounds. He describes the track as “about attempting to convince yourself everything in your life is fine even though it’s not. It’s an important one to me because of that and also because it was made at a crucial point in my life.” Aptly tackling themes such as love, romance and beauty, we’re sure this year holds much more for Richard Orofino.

Stream "Superstar" below: